A Film for Those Who Believe That Anyone Can Change the World

Help us spread social entrepreneurship around the world!

Help us spread social entrepreneurship around the world!

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Who Cares? has won awards at film festivals worldwide, and it has been selected at 20 international film festivals.

Award of Excellence
Honorable Mention Santa Monica Independent Film Festival
Winner of Best Feature Documentary Washington DC
Winner of Best Feature Documentary DocMiami
Winner of Best Feature Documentary Indonesia

What people are saying:

“Who Cares? has the awesome power to make a difference, to affect the opinion of everyone who sees it. It achieves this through an ethical questioning about the meaning of living in community, caring about the world’s problems, even when it isn’t directly involved in some kind of suffering. The film makes you feel and think at the same time.” – Márcia Tiburi

About the Film


It doesn’t matter if you work in education, finance, human rights, health, environmental affairs, or another field altogether; it doesn’t matter if you work in the private, public or social sector. If you see problems as opportunities, you already have what it takes to be a changemaker, a social entrepreneur. To learn more about this fascinating path, which is as much a career as it is a vocation, as much about giving a sense of purpose to your life as it is about having a positive impact on society, we invite you to watch WHO CARES?

Become a Changemaker

Become a Changemaker

WHO CARES? is more than a film, it’s a MOVEMENT! A movement to inspire people to be CHANGEMAKERS. Join us in spreading the film’s message of the enormous power of social entrepreneurship!!


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